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V Short

So Acmi VSO’s and volunteers where invited to create a short film which will be shown in acmi’s cinema on the 28th Oct, the last day of game masters!


I’ll post the final video after the premiere, choc full of lovely cheesy effects!

In the meantime here are some work in progress shots. Finished this just before the website rebuild, so all updates are condensed into one gallery.

Filming was done in the Acmi studio 2, starring Anita Sanderson one of our lovely security personal.

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The foundry and Luxology merge

I’m a nuke fan, lets just get that out there. I’m also an autodesk fan… I’ve only ever used 3ds Max and Maya for my 3D needs.

This is mostly because my college got me hooked on max and further studies have infused me with Maya knowledge. If modo and nuke start to become a tightly knit unit though, something akin to the max/maya/mudbox live link system I may just have to give Modo a try.

If your wondering “Should I care” I like to think the answer is yes, this merge could affect various pipelines for better or worse in years to come. I remain optimistic that better will be the outcome.

More on the merge here


Four months of fun

Game masters is winding up this week, I’ve greatly enjoyed the last four months.

I didn’t think I’d take a job in customer service, but with game masters it was hard to say no.

That was four months ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at game masters but while the exhibition is cool the people I’ve been working with have been out standing.

Withe game masters finishing this Sunday 28th October in now looking to the future and polishing my show reel at the AIE to start the job hunt.


Definitely the best thing has been the people I’ve met, you guys rock.


Awesome team!