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Minecrafting the Dome

During 2013 the State Library of Victoria was celebrating the 100th Centenary of it’s famous Dome building.

While the library had plenty of different celebrations of the historic event Hamish Curry then of the State Library was after a way to do something fun and engaging involving both a younger audience and technology.

Previously Hamish and I had run Minecraft based holiday courses at the State Library that were pretty popular, often filling up within a day of becoming available.


Everything looks so peaceful


Welcome to hell

With the knowledge the success of these holiday courses Hamish knew how popular Minecraft was and how perfectly recreating the Dome inside Minecraft would engage a young audience.

Organising the event was a collaboration between three parties headed by myself. The third party was Vitta – Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association (now DLTV). Vitta helped us to spread the word of the event to schools across Victoria.

Mincrafting the dome – Application

Custom server – we needed to build a specific machine to run the server and bring that to the library, for this Peter Smee (Then Sys admin at AIE Melbourne campus) was invaluable

So what did we actually do?

We all learnt about the dome:

Hamish instills knowledge

Hamish instills knowledge

We posed in the dome:

IMG_5795 IMG_5799

And we made the Dome in Minecraft:

IMG_5851 2013-08-10_15.14.29



We sang:

And finally we finished with an amazing result:


While i’m pretty Minecrafted out, running these kind of events is always fun.

after all the hard work

Working with these guys was fantastic, they got so much done and the final result is amazing.

I mean I’ve spent some solid hours teaching a holiday course on how to make awesome stuff, such as how to make Batmobiles and race them, who doesn’t love Batmobiles?

Bot mobiles rock

Bot mobiles rock, the teapot less so