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Up next 2016

At the end of 2015 I pondered my 10 year career in 3D and realised not only was I content with everything I’ve done; it was time to move on and push for something new.

After 5 years both student and teacher at AIE plus another 5 years doing 3D architectural visualization I was ready for something new.

Throughout my 3D career I had always coded, whether it was learning web languages to complement the jobs I could take on as a 3D freelancer or out of personal interest in how to script within Maya using Python it’s always been a thing I would dabble in. During my time at AIE I also unofficially  completed the Advanced Diploma in programming, my fellow staff members often going out of their way to guide me through it.

This pushed me into a world of programming I was a newcomer to and gave me an appreciation for low level languages such as c++.

You learn to appreciate what something like a game engine does for you when you try and draw a line in c++…

You can see the projects on git hub here and here

With a the new goal in mind and plenty of experience to work from I left AIE to pursue a new career in programming and development.

That was in Feb 2016, since then things have progressed nicely with interesting projects coming along that have required new languages and frameworks to be used.

To write a diary every day is like returning to one’s own vomit. – Enoch Powell

So another year has gone between articles.

Let’s avoid a wall of text, last year the following went down.

I moved from developing and training for AIE’s Vocational Education and Training program to teaching the Advanced Diploma of Game Art and Animation alongside the Advanced Diploma of 3D Animation & VFX

I had such a great time teaching this class, taking them from intro to 3D through to creating short films and games as a team. That was only the first year of the course!

They made some amazing stuff. Check out the short film below.


I’d love to say i’m well read enough to pull quotes out of the air, but credit for the title goes to david who I shamelessly stole it from. My own are hardly so eloquent.