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I’m a gamer, are you?

Let’s throw it out there Are you a gamer?

I have seen confusion and way to much anger over this issue lately and like plenty of other people I will weigh in briefly.

I want the focus of this to simply be – “what is a gamer”, in the context of computer games.

Lets make this as simple as possible, a gamer is any one who plays games.

A gamer is not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Location
  • Age
  • Anything else you can come up with, don’t do it

Sure, some people love first person shooters, others love angry birds. Yes they are both “gamers”.

This is like people watching comedies or action movies, we are all watching films the only thing that is changing is the genre

There really isn’t any more to this, children, men and women all play games. The real issue is that we can’t seem to play them together.

When good gamers go bad

From where I stand (and it’s lonely up here) the issue can start when a group identifies with being a gamer.

They play a certain genre of game and they play it a lot. So do their friends and they create and join the same social groups, so if I’m a gamer and I put all this time and effort into this single genre that must make me a real gamer. If i’m a real gamer that must mean that you aren’t.

And if my immediate circle is male, then that must mean that females aren’t gamers. If they aren’t gamers that must mean they can’t play games.

Not only is all of this wrong, it’s a damaging mindset to be in.

At least 40% of all gamers are female, you can check the stats here (US) or here (AUS). This doesn’t mean 40% in a given genre though.

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So where do we land on “are you a gamer”?

If you want to be sure, join us! games are a unique medium and should be shared and celebrated.