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Mind the gap Feb 2013 – June 2014

Image by Robert Shea

Art by Robert Shea

Oh no… I last posted in Feb 2013. What happened?

In short:

  • Full time work, what a time sink. I’m currently at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Developing, Teaching and various in house projects.
  • Creating Nuke tutorials (I’d love to do more, time willing), often based on Andrew Kramers amazing After Effects work, for example:

Zombie supermarket on xbox controllers, hell yes.

Zombie supermarket on xbox controllers, hell yes.

You can only imagine the sounds Dylan created for this

You can only imagine the sounds Dylan created for this

Pyrrha goes hi poly bananas - do not ask her why.

Pyrrha goes hi poly bananas – do not ask her why.

  • One of my development websites became helpfully corrupted taking down my own with it, rebuilding was always a problem for future me.
  • I coordinated a team along side the esteemed Hamish Curry comprised of several high school students to build the Victorian state library in Minecraft, this was an official event.
State library made in Minecraft

So many blocks

  • CG society masterclass by the esteemed Malcolm Thomas-Gustave covering PyQt for Maya – this was extremely informative, Malcolm knows his business and I look forward to basking in his knowledge again.
  • I took part in a MOOC focusing on the interesting subject of Gamification, MOOC’s are pretty cool.
  • Training and Assessment cert IV (TAE), you can now officially listen to me, whether you do or not is up to you.
  • Cert II in programming (IDMT) using c# and XnA.
  • Accepted that I need more sleep than i’d like.
  • Everyone needs a social life, don’t pretend otherwise.
  • That’s the last year and a half…

So whats next?


Always true to an extent

I will definitely post more, promise. I’ll even try to make it interesting.

At the beginning of last year I had different goals in mind for my website, With new goals comes changed content and overall feel.

Less formal and selling stuff, more bloggy and focused on “development”.

To me this term is something everybody should strive for. You don’t need to be the best, you just need to be better tomorrow than you are today.

I’ll post “posts” in the vein of:

  • Interesting and relevant articles.
  • Ongoing Development in 3D related areas, Unreal engine 4, what an engine.
  • I’m starting down the path of learning C++, I’ll document this process.
  • Hell I might even try and do some interviews.
  • Anything I feel like, it’s my blog!

Does anybody read these? well that’s not really the point is it…