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Stargate Kawoosh – Draft one

Back in the helm, so this is the Kawoosh effect from Stargate.

I might be a little late on the bandwagon for this but who doesn’t love the kawoosh?

There are a few ways to go about this one, by far the easiest to start with is this short and sweet method in 3DS max, link here

huh seems the original video has been taken down over a year later… well it was great trust me. Maybe I’ll re-create it.


First draft here

Time willing I’ll finish this one of with some live action.


Other methods worth looking into are

  • Particles (headache)
  • Blendsapes in Mudbox and maya – would work nicely

I’m looking to do a new shot each week, time is of the essence though so



Bugs are fun – windows permission error

Recently I rebuilt my computer with an SSD – do it they are fantastic.

Everything was bliss until it came time to render a project out of Nuke, It kept failing a few frames in.

“ok” I thought, it’s most likely a bug with the spanking new nuke 7 – downloaded and installed the latest build – no love.

I actually put this issue aside for a few weeks, but upon installing Unity 4 I hit the very same error when setting up a project.

No way I thought, this error is something else.

Solution: windows security can sometimes be abit vigorous.

For every drive:

Go to Computer select drive>properties>security tab

check under system and admin (maybe users) – if it doesn’t have it assign “full control” to that account – apply and restart.

Note: be careful in here, as with all things system related.

Fixed it for me, good luck!

Out of the shell – Begin 2013

Ok… time to start posting again.


I had an amazing break over the xmas period, I got away from the computer and I swam/slept/read/traveled a very small bit


Chocolate! hand made perfection.


The last week or two was job hunting season. I’m very pleased to say I have started work at the Academy of Interactive entertainment!

This fills my year with much excitement, I will also be working on my own material along side my teaching. I am pretty excited by Nuke 7 – the new point cloud features look amazing.


So, out of the shell I come – bring on the year!