2 turtle doves, I mean films

After recovering from a minor wrist injury I’m happy to release these two finished projects before I go off on a lovely 5 day break.


Presenting the final cut of: ESCORT: Epsilon Guardian Cinematic

Truong Nguyen and Vitali Sergueev where providing the bad ass animation for this one. With assets from the games Escort team (check the game info out here it looks amazing) Vitali and Truong have done a solid job.

I did the final post work to add some razzle to the already impressive dazzle!

Steph thanks again for acting in this one!

Here is the standard before and after for your enjoyment:


composite example

don’t be afraid

ESCORT: Epsilon Guardian Cinematic


It really feels good to get this one out, here is the short film I worked on earlier this year. group projects always present there own inherent hurdles, one thing is for sure though…. This could not have been completed without our stellar team. Great working with you guys!

One Tomb Many

Brought to you by team Mythology

Truong Nguyen
Nathan Duckett
Callan Winfield
Thomas Sinclair
Simon De Costa