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Graduation Academy of Interactive Entertainment 2012

This week I graduated, I’ve had a blast these last two years at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

I would like to thank everybody at AIE you’ll all fantastic people not just to learn from but to be around.

I’ve also had a blast writing and delivering some of the AIE’s holiday courses, I’m happy to say feedback from these classes has been very positive and I had a great time with them.


I did start to write quite a long list of thank you’s to all the AIE staff. I think I will leave it with just saying,

Thank you!

What’s next? I’m very excited about 2013 both for myself and for my peers. I’ve got some things in the works for myself but for now, I’m just happy to have had such a good experience these last two years.


A few pictures from graduation.




2 turtle doves, I mean films

After recovering from a minor wrist injury I’m happy to release these two finished projects before I go off on a lovely 5 day break.


Presenting the final cut of: ESCORT: Epsilon Guardian Cinematic

Truong Nguyen and Vitali Sergueev where providing the bad ass animation for this one. With assets from the games Escort team (check the game info out here it looks amazing) Vitali and Truong have done a solid job.

I did the final post work to add some razzle to the already impressive dazzle!

Steph thanks again for acting in this one!

Here is the standard before and after for your enjoyment:


composite example

don’t be afraid

ESCORT: Epsilon Guardian Cinematic


It really feels good to get this one out, here is the short film I worked on earlier this year. group projects always present there own inherent hurdles, one thing is for sure though…. This could not have been completed without our stellar team. Great working with you guys!

One Tomb Many

Brought to you by team Mythology

Truong Nguyen
Nathan Duckett
Callan Winfield
Thomas Sinclair
Simon De Costa

Maya to Nuke camera alignment

I like doing various small projects, they let me un-earth little stepping stones it’s important to have the knowledge to overcome.

My latest stepping stone was passing data between Maya and Nuke.

Nuke has a fantastic 3D space and I’m very happy with the way it makes some tasks in Maya extremely easy.

To get things lining up nicely between my 2D rendered comps and passing out new elements from Nukes 3D system, happily this is dead easy once you remember a few things

Maya to Nuke

  • The big one for camera alignment – do not plan your camera in resolution gate, plan it in film gate or lament the slight but extremely annoying mis-match between your 2D comps and Nukes 3D output
  • Export from maya as 2010 FBX (others may have artefacts – such as a camera not showing in Nuke)
  • Bake animation
  • If the mesh is looking weird (by weird I mean polys bridging in un-wanted places) in Nuke triangulate the mesh in Maya (under mesh menu)

When importing into nuke

  • Import the file directly into a camera node
  • Import the file again into a read geo node
    • tick “read every frame”
    • if you want all objects select that in the drop down
  • If you need textures on the objects and wish to use lighting use the diffuse material node

Nuke to Maya

Nuke can export FBX files with ease (write goe node). If you want the camera don’t be alarmed by the in-ability to attach a write geo node to the camera… just attach the camera to a scene node and export your FBX straight off the scene, you will have your camera with any animation.

Point clouds also come into Maya as humble locators, extremely handy for camera tracking.


Keep in mind point one – “The big one for camera alignment – do not plan your camera in resolution gate, plan it in film gate or lament the slight but extremely annoying mis-match between your 2D comps and Nukes 3D output”  this is the one that causes the most head aches.

Nuke 7 arrives

Nuke 7 is here, It looks amazing. If I drop everything I could play with it right now….

It’s pretty tempting.


  • Unlimited trackers
  • Auto updating while correcting tracks
  • Enhanced 2d – 3d point cloud
  • Oh My, A 3D modelling toolkit! it looks very nice indeed.

Much more, just check out more intro videos here


The re-lighting intro looks fantastic.